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8 profitable DIY remodeling ideas for your Ojai, CA home


Many people turn to creative projects while sheltering in place. One of the most productive and satisfying pursuits must be home improvement. Repairs and remodeling can also help you cope with stress – and improve the value of your home in the long term, especially when it’s time to sell your home in Ojai, CA.

Check out this list of remodeling projects you can try on your own:

  1. Spring cleaning and decluttering

    This is the first step to any remodeling project. Scrubbing or wiping away dirt from floors and other surfaces can substantially improve your home’s look. Pay attention to high-traffic areas and spots of the house that you seldom clean.

  2. Getting organized

    Whether it’s a closet makeover or overhauling your pantry, organizing enhances the appeal of any room. Make an inventory of the items you want to sort, find or purchase organizers, and transform your spaces. Consider a DIY bookshelf to accommodate your “quaran-reads” or collectibles. Install pull-out wire baskets beneath the lowest shelves of your pantry.

  3. Enhancing entryways

    It’s the first thing you and guests see when they enter the house. So, it would be good to enliven your front door, foyer, and your back door if you have one. This will make a good impression.

  4. Working on curb appeal

    Repaint your front door a happy shade. Order plants in pots of varying sizes so you move them around to change the look of your front yard as you see fit. Trim lawn and hedges as needed.

  5. Updating outdoor entertaining areas

    Outdoor areas to entertain guests are sought-after home features. Work on making your patio, backyard, or pool area more inviting. Consider a fire pit. Or an outdoor kitchen. Update outdoor furniture.

  6. Painting walls and repairing chipped surfaces

    Apply a fresh coat of paint on bedroom and exterior walls for instant transformations. Repair cracks and chips on floors and furniture. Browse the internet for ideas to cover up flaws.

  7. Creating new spaces

    Have an extra room or corner? Why not convert it into a reading nook? Or a place conducive for kids to stay focused on their online classes. Add a small shelf to keep books and stash supplies at the end of a distance learning day. Provide a small whiteboard for kids to solve math problems on and write down messages for teachers or classmates.

  8. Doing a bathroom makeover

    Next to the kitchen, the bathroom is the most scrutinized room in a house for sale. Make sure it’s clean all the time. Use baskets or drawers to keep the vanity tidy. Update fixtures like shower heads and towel racks, as well as drawer pulls.

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