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First-time homebuyer’s guide to Ojai, California

Historic Spanish House on Ojai

Ojai, CA’s spectacular scenery and distinctive charm can attract any homebuyer. If you are looking to buy your first home in this beautiful town, this helpful guide can fill you in on what you need to know.

Get the right documents

Before sending out offers to home sellers, you first have to apply for a mortgage. Prepare all necessary documents that will smoothen the buying process. Some of the paperwork you need include:

  • W-2 forms and federal tax returns from the last two years
  • Financial statements from the last 60 days
  • Investment account statements for investment accounts
  • Credit card statements and information
  • Proof of funds
  • Records of existing debt

Increase your credit score

Having a good credit score increases your chances of getting the home you want, so pull it up as much as you can. You can do this by:

  • Paying off all remaining debt
  • Saving enough money for a down payment
  • Clearing away discrepancies in your credit report
  • Avoiding major purchases using your credit card

Work with a realtor

There are many home choices in such a desirable town as Ojai. Save time and money by working with a realtor who can guide you through the entire buying process. In addition to finding you a good home, they can also keep you up-to-date with the latest trends, handle tough negotiations, and help you out with the paperwork.

Look for homes for sale in Ojai, CA

Many of Ojai’s varied home choices are situated on spacious lots. Most have easy access to commercial areas and main roads that lead to worthwhile destinations in and out of town. Whether you are looking for a starter home close to downtown or a larger ranch property, you will find what you want in this peaceful, diverse area. Some of the areas for first-time or seasoned homebuyers in Ojai include:

  • Casitas Springs
  • Mira Monte
  • Meiners Oaks
  • The Arbolada
  • The East End

When picking an area, make sure it ticks most of the boxes on your needs list. Consider things like ease of access, types of homes in the area, local schools, and recreational opportunities.

Once you have decided on an area, it is time to find a home. Decide on features you need your home to have. Does it come with all the amenities you need for comfortable living? How close should it be to work? Do you want a swimming pool?

When you have found the right choice, be sure it is within your budget. Have a professional assessor give you an objective estimate of the home’s value. Also, have a professional inspector check it out for structural damage, termite infestations, plumbing and electrical, etc. If any major issues come up, you can either use these as leverage for negotiations, or treat these as signs to look for a different property.

Get help from the pros when shopping for Ojai, CA real estate. I am realtor Donna Sallen, and I can get you the home you want. Call 805.798.0516 or email donna4remax(at)aol(dotted)com.

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