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Homes for Sale in Santa Ynez, CA

Farm on a mountain in Santa Ynez

Dubbed a sophisticated cowboy town, Santa Ynez brings plenty of opportunities to those who crave adventure and a vintage aesthetic. You’ll feel as if you’ve been transported back in time by some villages, while other neighborhoods look like prime spots for a weekend getaway.

See what Santa Ynez has to offer and consider living in this picture-perfect area.

Get your bearings

Located in the County of Santa Barbara, Santa Ynez is in the northwestern part of Los Angeles. To the north is California’s San Rafael Mountains, while the Santa Ynez Mountains is at the south of the town. Its total size is about 5.1 square miles. The terrain makes it a prime area for California’s top wineries. In fact, 2004’s “Sideways,” a buddy film set in California’s gorgeous wine country, was shot in Santa Ynez.

When Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson shot the music video of “Say Say Say” in Santa Ynez Valley, Jackson fell in love with the Sycamore Valley Ranch. He eventually bought the place and renamed it Neverland.

Population and history

There are fewer than 5,000 permanent residents in Santa Ynez, whose roots can be traced back to 1881, when Bishop Francis Mora sold tracts of the College Ranch after receiving Congressional approval.

The settlers were mostly farmers, who were not familiar with Spanish. So, when the bishop wanted to name the place after Santa Inés (Saint Agnes), the farmers spelled it as Santa Ynez.

Back then, saloons, blacksmiths, and general stores served the needs of the settlers. The mercantile activities led Santa Ynez to transform into a town center, and later, a city.

Homes in the Santa Ynez, CA

Today, you’ll find premium housing in Santa Ynez. Choose from well-appointed single-family homes to dreamy mansions. Some properties boast expansive manicured lawns and Olympic-size swimming pools.

Despite the old world charm of many buildings, the area has modern facilities throughout. Sun-drenched and with a mild climate, Santa Ynez was made for outdoor activities.

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Education and employment

Santa Ynez is just as ideal for those seeking to live in an area with top notch schools, which include:

  • Santa Ynez Valley Charter School
  • Santa Ynez Elementary School
  • Santa Ynez Valley Union High School
  • Santa Ynez Valley Christian Academy

When it comes to employment, lucrative opportunities are driven by vineyards, apple farms, and similar agricultural ventures. Horse farms and tourism opportunities are also worth exploring.

Top attractions

Get your fill of Californian drinks and unwind in rustic vineyards. Have a quick getaway or spend your honeymoon in any of the top-rated wineries in Santa Ynez:

There are plenty of other activities for the whole family, too. Here are other ways to unwind in Santa Ynez:

  • Boating
  • Golfing
  • Hiking
  • Horseback riding
  • Cycling

Aside from the recreational activities, you can also enjoy touring the town’s serene country roads. Visit the following prized attractions:

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